As true crafters of origin they look for the best possible harmony between culture and nature.

Craftsmen with a deep appreciation for nature. For dBodhi, nature is not just beautiful, it is everything. It is the origin of all creation and the source of their inspiration. When they create furniture, they look for the best possible harmony between culture and nature, harnessing the art of craftsmanship to honour them both. Using reclaimed and organic materials, they follow ancient knowledge and Javanese traditions to produce unique and high quality pieces, each with their story.

Tribute to Nature

dBodhi believe that harmonising with nature is of crucial importance. They actively seek ways to minimise the negative impact their business has on the environment and our planet. They have done this from the very beginning. Not always easy, but for them it is the only way.

Reclaimed Teak

Their reclaimed teak wood is sourced from century-old houses from remote villages in East Java. Packed with history, the wood is full of character, with unique and elegant textures that can never be reproduced or imitated.

The Furniture

All of the dBodhi furniture is made in Indonesia: in a studio on Java, or in one of the small-scale workshops they work with. The collections are designed with one philosophy: to pay tribute to nature using the art of true craftsmanship, creating valuable pieces that last.

If you do it right, it will last forever.