We passionately curate furniture collections that embrace natural elements, seamlessly blending reclaimed teak with calming neutrals, while drawing inspiration from both Indonesian artisans and our own coastal surroundings, to evoke a sense of timeless, laidback living with a touch of rustic charm.

How It All Began

Born in the summer of 2014, the story of BluBambu started during a two year relocation to Singapore and what was to become our gateway to the rest of Asia. Weekends were spent venturing off the tourist track to discover the little hidden gems of Indonesian life. It soon became our second home, and we slipped into the idyllic lifestyle where sun, surf, a buzzing culture and friendly smiles made us feel so welcome.

No longer just drawn to the sandy beaches, we discovered a rustic, exciting and inspiring furniture scene. A humble, eco-conscious approach to creating unique pieces whilst giving new life to reclaimed materials.

We then embarked on a journey to share a little taste of the Far East and bring these unique pieces of furniture to the UK. Beautifully hand crafted, they will undoubtedly become a talking point in your wonderful homes or businesses. A husband and wife team, we personally select all of the products we feature and import directly from suppliers we know and trust across Indonesia.

Our name, BluBambu, was inspired by one of the iconic symbols of the Far East - Bamboo. Combined with the stunning blue waters of the UK's South coast.

Our Partners - dBodhi

Patiently, humbly, and with the deepest respect for nature, they craft.

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