World Environment Day 5th June – Old Wood New Life

Since BluBambu Living launched nearly three years ago, we’ve been committed to celebrating the beauty of eco-friendly furniture.  By focusing on sourcing furniture handcrafted using only reclaimed, sustainable and recycled materials, we can be sure every piece effortlessly displays a unique and rich character.

Our furniture is handmade on the tropical islands of Indonesia, where this sustainable approach to sourcing reclaimed materials means that the furniture you introduce to your home is kind to the environment.

At the hands of highly skilled and talented artisans, new life is born from using old, reclaimed teak wood, rich in character, history and rustic charm. Reclaimed teak has an abundance of properties that make this the perfect raw material for crafting solid, long lasting furniture for your home.

No two pieces of reclaimed teak will ever be the same. Be this natural colour variations, cracks or old nail holes, a sense of history and enduring character will always be found in each piece, something new, cut down wood can never replicate.

This year saw our first collaboration with d-Bodhi. Now in their 10th year, d-Bodhi aims to be a global innovator, inspiring and encouraging us to participate in the social and environmental design of unique, high-end furniture and home décor. Their video, ‘Old Wood New Life’ beautifully captures the Provence of the reclaimed teak material and is well worth a watch.

As we pause and borrow a few precious seconds to reflect on the world we live in and perhaps ponder the recent announcements from members of the wider global community to take a different path, be reassured that you can still make positive, everyday decisions when it comes to furnishing your home with a sound environmental conscious, not to mention great style!

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BluBambu Living proudly works with partners who use 100% legal reclaimed teak wood.