Teak root statement pieces

As more of us look to invest in our homes with exciting new renovations, the popularity of a new open plan living arrangement will often feature highly on the wish list.

With the extra space gained, often comes the challenge of what to fill it with! A fresh new start perhaps and the desire to focus the attention on just one key statement piece?

Our stunning teak root coffee tables can often provide the unique solution you are looking for. An unquestionable talking point for your home, these tables provide an impressive, awe-inspiring feature – curated by Mother Nature herself.

Tectona Grandis, or teak as we more commonly know it, is a tropical hardwood native to South East Asia. For hundreds of years, thousands of teak roots and stumps have been left untouched in swamplands across east Java. Many cut down during the period of Dutch colonial ruling of Indonesia, clearing land for alternative commercial plantation activity.

Today, our highly skilled artisans are excavating these abandoned teak roots to handcraft impressive, one-off tables. The root is carefully cleaned and crafted to its desired shape, ensuring at all times that the table retains as much of its intricate root structure as possible.

The recent introduction of a lighter natural grey and natural sanded finish respectively has attracted growing interest. Fresh back from a delivery to Padstow, we installed our first ever round teak root coffee table in a natural sanded finish. The tones closely resemble that of driftwood and worked perfectly for this coastal home.

Our summer container has not long arrived and we currently have in stock fifteen new teak root coffee tables in varying sizes, finish and shape. A made to order service is also available to ensure you achieve the perfect piece for your living space. We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom to discover these beautiful pieces, or alternatively we can email you images of our latest stock.

I’ll leave you with a few recent installations to inspire you…

Natural Wax

Natural Sanded

Natural Grey