BluBambu celebrates the beauty of imperfection. Every piece of furniture will tell its own, unique story, whether handcrafted using reclaimed teak, or from old Javanese fishing boats.

Our furniture is handmade on the tropical islands of Indonesia, where this sustainable approach to sourcing reclaimed materials means that the furniture you introduce to your home is kind to the environment.

Reclaimed teak

At the hands of highly skilled and talented artisans, new life is born from using old, reclaimed teak wood, rich in character, history and rustic charm. Reclaimed teak has an abundance of properties that make this the perfect raw material for crafting solid, long lasting furniture for your home.

The reclaimed teak mostly derives from old Javanese houses located in east Java. Highly durable and hardwearing, the natural oils found in this timber add strength and resistance in all weathers and climates. This resistance allows the teak to age and weather gracefully over many years adding to its inherent and rustic character. The process of expanding and contracting has already been undertaken making this a very durable material to live in your home.

No two pieces of reclaimed teak will ever be the same. Be this natural colour variations, cracks or old nail holes, a sense of history and enduring character will always be found in each piece, something new, cut down wood can never replicate.

Watch the ‘Old Wood New Life‘ short film from our partner d-Bodhi, as they follow the journey from sourcing to furniture.

Javanese fishing boats

Shaped and influenced over decades by the sea, each boat wood piece is a colourful celebration and serving remainder of a colourful and rugged past. This collection is weathered by nature, not by hand.

Each piece of wood is cleaned, preserved and treated, but it’s original integrity left intact. Be this colour tones, knots, small cracks or blackened holes, this collection gives prominence to simplicity, style and environmental consciousness.

The reclaimed boat timber (mostly teak or mahogany) is salvaged from old, retired Javanese fishing boats. Highly skilled artisans then employ traditional carpentry methods and intuitively select the right piece to construct solid, long lasting furniture.

This new lease of life seeks to leave a positive footprint not only on the environment, but the small Indonesian fishing communities who benefit from recycling their boats that are no longer sea worthy.

BluBambu Living only work with suppliers who use 100% reclaimed materials.