Teak Root Dining Table


An awe-inspiring, unique dining table to adorn your living space.  Handcrafted by skilled artisans who work intuitively with the natural formations of the teak root excavated from abandoned teak plantations in East Java, Indonesia. Nothing short of impressive, the root table can be finished in a choice of waxes to suit your desired setting. Our teak root tables provide an unquestionable talking point for your home – near enough art perfection in its purest form.

The contemporary finish added by the toughened glass offers a beautiful juxtaposition with the raw root material.

Sizes given are inclusive of a toughened glass top which is 10mm as standard.  Please note, the glass will overhang the root base by 10cm all round as standard.  All our glass is made here in the UK, therefore the  the thickness and size can be increased as necessary.

Whilst we will often carry standard sizes in stock, we welcome your bespoke request for a size and finish to suit your living space. You may choose from either a lighter natural grey or unfinished option, or a darker natural wax finish.

Made to order sizes:

120cm (2-4 seater) – £1,450.00

130cm (3-5 seater) – £1,550.00

140cm (4-6 seater) – £1,750.00

150cm (5-7 seater) – £1,950.00

160cm (6-8 seater) – £2,250.00

170cm (7-9 seater) – £2,550.00

180cm (8-10 seater) – £2,950.00

200cm (9-11 seater) – £3,750.00

210cm (10-12 seater) – £3,950.00

Please call or email to discuss your bespoke requirements (01590 670885 / info@blubambu.co.uk).