d-Bodhi Tuareg Hanging Rack


Inspired by the weathered colours of the Sahara desert, the Tuareg collection features a complex of different tones that contrast one another.

The name Tuareg itself comes from an indigenous ethnic tribe originating from the North African region of the Sahara. Historically the Tuareg people are regarded as warriors, respected for their perseverance and will in defending their right to a unique and individual way of life. They are a reminder that spirit and determination can keep old traditions alive, even in the presence of change.

Old Javanese houses are given a new lease on life with a mixture of three types of tropical hardwoods – teak, acacia and mahogany – combined with a slick dark grey frame.

  • Weathered
  • Coated Iron
  • Mixed tropical hardwood

Standard size: 120 x 31.5 x 30cm (L x W x H)